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I am writing to highly recommend the excellent services provided by William in the area of security training, risk assessments and emergency planning. I have had the pleasure of working alongside him both as a UK Government Civil Servant and as a United Nations staff member specialising in security contingency planning, emergency response and situational awareness provision.

William's security training programs are comprehensive and tailored to ensure the specific needs of clients and large peacekeeping organisations are met. I have witnessed first hand the training that he has delivered in austere and hostile environments, on behalf of host nation governments, to ensure that threats and risks (including threats to life from conflict, terrorism, and humanitarian crisis) are met.

He has vast experience of delivering training programs that are modularised to cover topics such as threat identification, crisis management, physical security, hostile environment awareness, and humanitarian crises.

In addition to training he excels in conducting risk assessments that lead to a range of prepared response measures being in place. His experience, knowledge and skills will offer an ability to conduct in depth evaluations of an organisation's vulnerabilities to identify potential risks. His expertise will assist organisations to enhance their safety, minimise threats and protect their assets, personnel and property effectively. I can vouch for his professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication. William's commitment to providing effective security training is commendable. Please reach out if you require any further information.

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