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I have had the privilege of working closely with William Roy, over the past several years across various high-profile projects.

Through our collaborations, I have witnessed first-hand William's exceptional skills and expertise. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to scope, design, and implement capacity-building initiatives that align seamlessly with both commercial and security objectives.

One of William's standout qualities is his outstanding communication skills, which are essential in establishing and maintaining sustainable professional relationships. Working closely with him, I have seen how his keen understanding of the subtleties involved in such relationships greatly contributes to the success of any project or initiative.

William has extensive expertise in operational planning, intelligence, and intelligence analysis. His capabilities in emergency, crisis and security management, security training, and contingency planning are second to none, making him a sought-after professional in his field.

Having worked closely with him in diverse contexts, I can attest to his versatility, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to achieving results. If your organisation needs a highly capable and resilient professional who excels in challenging environments, William Roy is the ideal consultant to consider.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to discuss William's expertise in more detail. He has been an exceptional collaborator, and I am confident that he will bring immense value to any project or team. Steve - Independent Business Consultant and Intermediary Investor

William has made an outstanding start to his tour as a CT Liaison Officer. He has met each of the unique challenges of his particular project - the creation of an enduring, competent and credible CT unit within the host nation Police Service. He has even at this early stage set the standard for operational Liaison Officers, many of whom are senior to him.

The epitome of quiet but flawless efficiency, everything William does is underpinned by superb attention to detail, effective and detailed planning and exceptional administration.

Ever-mindful of the rightful priority of task needs, William consistently ensures that the operational output is maintained during exacting circumstances. He has established and maintained UK instructors and host nation students in an austere and remote training location and provided essential input into nationwide reconnaissance and capability assessments that will inform much of the UK's future CT engagement within the country.

Particularly impressive, William’s interpersonal skills have been applied to great effect to include a firm yet delicate style with often frustrating host nation interlocutors and key personalities This he achieved through robust mentorship and management of a UK instructor team, assembled for each discrete training module, and the necessary in-country interaction with the FCDO and other UK Government Depts. A particularly notable performance that bodes very well indeed for his future employability and potential. This has been a most assured, credible and impressive performance from an absolutely top-drawer Liaison Officer.

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