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Ensuring Compliance and Peace of Mind

At Urrús Consultancy Ltd, our assurance services are designed to provide you with the confidence that your organisation's risk management practices align seamlessly with your goals and obligations. We understand that maintaining compliance and creating a secure operating environment are essential for your organisation's success and reputation.

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Why Assurance Services Matter

The importance of assurance services rests in their role as a safeguard, ensuring that organisations operate ethically, within legal boundaries, and with a commitment to quality and compliance.

Our Assurance Services Process


Continuous Improvement

We begin by emphasizing the importance of continual improvement. Your organisation's counter-terrorism planning and risk management process should evolve to meet the dynamic demands of today's fluid environment.


Identification of Gaps

Our consultants conduct thorough assurance assessments to identify relevant deficits or opportunities for improvement. This step is crucial in highlighting areas where your organisation can strengthen its procedures.


Development of Plans

Having identified a deficit or opportunity, we assist your organisation in developing detailed remedial work plans and reviews. These plans are designed to address the deficits and improve the compliance and effectiveness of your counter-terrorism and risk management measures.



We understand the significance of accountability. Our assurance process involves assigning responsibilities to individuals within your organisation who are accountable for the implementation of the remedial work plans.



With clearly defined work plans and accountable individuals, our consultants will mentor staff members through the remedial work plan tasks prior to assurance review. This phase focuses on putting the work plans into action to enhance the effectiveness of plans.


Monitoring and Review

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with implementation. We advocate ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews as an integral part of the risk management process. This ensures that counter-terrorism and risk management plans remain compliant with ISO 31000 specifications.

Our Assurance Services

  • Review of existing documentation and plans.
  • Scoring of compliance and identification of areas of deficit.
  • Preparation of remedial work plan.
  • Delivery of remedial workshops if required.
  • Reassessment of compliance.
  • Periodic testing and evaluation of plans against current threat analysis.

Benefits of Assurance Services

Compliance Assurance

Assurance services help organisations ensure that they are compliant with relevant regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices. This reduces the risk of non-compliance, legal issues, fines, and penalties.

Documentation and Reporting

Proper documentation and reporting are essential for compliance. Assurance services help organisations create and maintain appropriate documenting and reporting procedures, streamlining compliance efforts and reducing administrative burden.

Operational Efficiency

Efficient processes and protocols contribute to improved operational efficiency. Assurance services streamline workflows, identify efficiencies and enhance productivity, allowing organisations to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Your Trusted Partner

Urrús Consultancy Ltd, is committed to fortifying your organisation's risk management practices and ensuring unwavering compliance. Our meticulous evaluation, precise recommendations, and ongoing support will empower your organisation to operate securely and efficiently.

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