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Strengthen Your Organisation's Security Capabilities

At Urrús Consultancy Ltd, our capacity building service provides the training and guidance your team needs to better manage security incidents. We empower your organisation to stay ahead of emerging threats and gain a competitive edge in safeguarding your interests.

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Why Capacity Building Matters

Capacity building empowers your team using a variety of operational planning and decision making models to improve communication channels and response options during crisis. This enables staff members to respond more effectively to safeguard your organisation's interests, assets and reputation. It is the foundation for building resilience to ensure your organisation can thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Our Capacity Building Process


Skill Enhancement

We focus on developing and strengthening operational planning and decision making skills for organisations to thrive in adversity.



Our process includes the creation and refinement of policies to ensure relevance and compliance.



As part of the operational planning component, we assist with optimising available resources for maximum impact.



We emphasise generating sustainable transformation from within the organisation, extending beyond tasks to encompass mindset and attitude changes.

Our Capacity Building Services

We provide specialised training sessions to enhance your organisation's operational planning capabilities. Our training draws from extensive experience in developing security, including counter-terrorism capabilities to ensure your organisation is prepared to address the challenges of a changing operating environment.
Our decision-making workshops utilise methodologies derived from the uniformed services. These workshops empower your team to make informed and effective decisions in high-pressure security scenarios.
We apply proven methodologies that draw upon our extensive global experience of developing security and counter-terrorism capabilities for overseas uniformed services.
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Benefits of Capacity Building

Enhanced Security Awareness

Organisations are better prepared to address a diverse range of threats having generated additional capability and capacity within their existing pool of personnel and resources.

Improved Incident Response

Well-trained staff members are better equipped to respond to security incidents effectively with an increased awareness of unintended consequences.

Risk Mitigation

Capacity building compliments an organisation's risk management strategy to address known deficits and enables your organisation to identify and mitigate risks, reducing the likelihood of security breaches.

Your Trusted Partner

Urrús Consultancy Ltd, is dedicated to enhancing your organisation’s ability to manage security risks effectively. Our comprehensive training and guidance programs help your organisation manage emerging threats and remain resilient to a short notice crisis.

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