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Safeguarding Your People is Our Business

What We Do

Our extensive range of services is designed to address the dynamic and complex security challenges that businesses and organisations face today. We take pride in offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Threat Analysis

Our threat analysis service involves meticulous research to assess risks and vulnerabilities associated with a venue and audience. We consider potential adversaries and attack profiles using global experience to determine specific venue vulnerabilities. Although venue dependent, we typically complete site assessments within 48 hours and subsequent research within 72 hours.

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Security Assessment

Our security assessment service evaluates the appropriateness of venue security measures considering the level and nature of threats. We measure the effectiveness of controls in terms of deterrence, detection, delay, denial, response, and recovery, using a variety of assessment mechanisms most appropriate to the client.

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Security Solutions

Our security solutions service encompasses a range of strategies, including mechanical measures (e.g., locks and surveillance), organisational measures (e.g., policies and patrols), and natural/architectural measures (e.g., space design)to create a layered security solution for your critical assets.

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Capacity Building

Our capacity building service develops and strengthens the skills, policies, and resources that organisations need to thrive in a rapidly changing commercial environment. This includes operational planning and decision-making workshops for those empowered with implementation of contingency plans.

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Crisis Management

Our Crisis Management service involves the development of crisis management plans to coordinate responses with first responders. We evaluate plans and procedures using tabletop exercises with scenario-driven tests for senior management to refine and rehearse coordinated responses effectively.

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Our assurance service evaluates security risk, including counter-terrorism planning through plan reviews. Often in response to emerging threats or increased vulnerability to identify contingency deficits. Our consultants will mentor clients to address identified deficiencies through the preparation of remedial work plans and workshops. All risk management procedures are compliant to ISO 31000 specification.

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Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing service is available to clients demanding greater assurance of existing plans. Typically, this will incorporate manual testing of physical, mechanical and natural measures, often with contraband items, providing critical insights into security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 

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Why Choose Us

Service Delivery Commitment

The time from consultation to completion will be largely dependent upon the size of venue and complexity of project. Regardless of timeframe, our commitment to excellence remains constant.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of services, from threat analysis to penetration testing, providing holistic security solutions for all our clients.

Local Expertise

As a Northern Ireland-based company, we understand the unique operating environment, ensuring that our services are sensitively tailored to meet your specific needs.

Beyond Legal Obligations

We go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements to assist our clients in creating a safe operating environment for their patrons, including contingency planning exercises, inter-service liaison, coordination, and periodic re-evaluations.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

All client information and plans are securely retained within the cloud. We prioritise your confidentiality by ensuring no data is held within our office or on any portable IT assets such as laptops or portable drives.

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