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Crisis Management

At Urrús Consultancy Ltd, our crisis management services are designed to help your organisation develop comprehensive crisis response protocols, exercise existing plans and establish communication protocols with first response agencies. Our expertise will help your organisation navigate through the challenges of complex crises and safeguard your assets, including reputation.

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Why Crisis Management Matter

Crisis management is about minimising the damage to your organisation. Whether it's a natural disaster, cybersecurity breach, public relations crisis or other unforeseen event, a crisis management plan efficiently executed, can significantly reduce the impact of crises to your organisation.

Our Crisis Management Process


Crisis Management Plan

We create a comprehensive crisis management plan that prioritises the organisational response, including coordination with anticipated first responders. This plan draws from our extensive experience of addressing complex crises in the most challenging of United Nations missions.


Proven Procedures

Our crisis management processes and procedures have been honed and tested in some of the most demanding and arduous environments, proving their effectiveness in real-world crisis situations.

Our Crisis Management Services for Various Scenarios

Dealing with incidents involving a large number of casualties.
Managing crises related to community violence and unrest.
Preparing for and responding to pandemic outbreaks.
Addressing situations involving political instability.
Managing crises that threaten your organisation's reputation or community consent.
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Our Crisis Management Training and Exercises


Minimise Damage

Senior management participates in table-top exercises to stress-test existing crisis plans.


Scenario Development

We create realistic multi-department crisis scenarios tailored to your organisation's needs.


Flash Reporting

Flash reports provide a dynamic training experience and intensify the crisis scenario. They provide the training audience with a timeline of exacerbating events preceding the establishment of the crisis management team.


Crisis Management Working Groups

Facilitated discussions and exploration of critical questions by crisis management working groups.

Benefits of Crisis Management

Minimise Damage

A well-executed crisis management plan can significantly reduce the extent and duration of damage caused by a sudden catastrophic event.

Business Continuity

Crisis management enables your organisation to maintain business continuity during the most challenging of times.

Protect Stakeholder Interests

In addition to your organisation’s duty to protect staff members and customers, the interests of key stakeholders is likely fundamental to business continuity.

Your Trusted Partner

Urrús Consultancy Ltd, enables a comprehensive training pipeline to crisis preparedness and response. With our meticulous planning, training, and expert guidance, we help your organisation navigate unforeseen challenges with resilience and precision.

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